Badrallach ...a tranquil place

No mains water exists here but a tasty and pure, sometimes peaty coloured, filtered and treated hill supply is piped into the buildings for your enjoyment and tested regularly. It may freeze occasionally in hard winters or be in short supply in hot summers but that's life here.


Electricity too only arrived here in 2002 and is optional for those preferring gas lights and peat fires which are still used predominantly in all our accommodation. Many crofts on the peninsular still use wind and water to generate power. TV signals are poor although satellite TV is provided in our Croft House and radio signals can be received.


A public telephone is located by the Bothy (01854 633210) and a private phone installed in the cottage (01854 633302) for guests use programmed for incoming and 999 calls only but an outgoing service can be supplied on request. Mobile phones have reached us however and we have 3 transmitters in the valley providing an essential safety service for hill walkers and motorists in winter.

Essential Serivces

Advance delivery of groceries can be arranged at cost and free range eggs, bread and long life milk can be obtained on site subject to availability. Dundonnell Stores and PO is 14 miles away and Petrol station and hotel 7 miles away, Otherwise its Ullapool, 25 miles away where there is a chemist, supermarket and doctor. A foot ferry 3 miles away runs there in summer. Maggies Tea Room is just across the loch for those lazy days. The road is gritted daily in winter (except Sundays) and has good passing bays for vans.

© Helen Gestwicki
Water from the hills

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Gas lighting

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The outside world

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Air dried linen