Flora and Fauna around Badrallach, North West Scotland
Badrallach ...a wild place

Wild feral goat herds, porpoises, seals, otters, slow worms, mountain hare, pine martins, foxes and red deer visit us regularly and a variety of birds including golden and white tailed sea eagles, buzzards, and ptarmigans can be found nearby.


Many wild flowers including several orchids, saxifrages, butterwort, rose root, bog asphodel, cotton grass, Alpine Lady's mantle, club mosses, Sundews, juniper and many more are here in abundance.

Full botanical and twitcher lists prepared by our guests are available to help your search. The Scottish midge is also here in July and August but due to coastal breezes isn't normally too bad here though guests are recommended to acquire a chiffon scarf, sew up the sides and carry it at all times. Repellent is also recommended.

New sightings and photos are always welcome, if you are lucky share your joy!

"Just as we are about to leave we spotted a young golden eagle hunting over the top of the hill at the back of the bothy -a special moment"
"We have fallen under the spell of this beautiful place. We spotted marsh orchids, eyebright, sea pinks, seen 2 ospreys and watched 3 magnificent sunsets"
"Great place, great hosts, great food, great wildlife, especially the otters"

© Michael Stott
Wild flowers

© Richard Cross
Golden Eagles

© Michael Stott
Red Deer

© Michael Stott
Insect Eaters!