Things to do around Badrallach, North West Scotland
Badrallach ...a wild place
Lots to see and do

Wet or dry, windy or calm. Hot or cold, snow or heat wave, young, old or ancient, Badrallach is a unique place that offers something to everyone. Whether it is peace and quiet, wildlife spotting, exploring on top or under the water, hillwalking, foraging, fishing, cycling...well, the list goes on.

Doctors have reported a new bug which is sweeping Scotland, Victims of the new epedemic suffer from 1) High temperatures, 2) Loose all sense of time 3) And wander about with a look of dazed contentment on their faces.This is known as the 'Badrallach Bug',Im a long term sufferer and will soon return - Edinburgh 1999

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Mountain days...

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...and bothy nights

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Enjoy the stars...

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...clouds & skies