Badrallach ...a remote place
The Owners

Owen Okie & Bo Gort took over ownership of the Badrallach site in March 2016 - very much aware of the gem they had found! They have not changed much about the business as they know how special a place it has been for regular visitors over the years, but rather added their own touch and now look forward to welcoming you whether you're new to Badrallach or a regular.The current manager of the site is Chris who will receive your calls and emails, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries or special requirements.

The Croft

The campsite founders Mick and Ally Stott acquired the tenancy of the abandoned Highland loch shore croft in Wester Ross whilst resident in Shetland in 1991. A combination of 2 former crofts comprising 11.43 hectares of "in-bye" (farmland with croft buildings) and 2 shares in over 900 hectares of common grazing land stretching from Little Loch Broom to the summit of Beinn Ghobhlach (The forked mountain 635m). Part of this is now the campsite, part of it was sold and is happily a working croft again, and yet another part will eventually be host to a renovated eco-building acting as a retreat centre for Owen's patients and clients as a herbalist and therapist.

For more details see a Place To Stay...

"An Ode Tae A House"

'Twas still licht on arrivin' at the wee house.
Travellin fae Glesga wi a boot full o hooch
The leckie's nae problem, wi' batteries tae spare
An' the hoose...well by God, thats An Teallach up there!
Mick showed us the fireplace, the stove an' the lights
Then left we a sucle, tae cor ain for the night
We're fae the city ye see an' silence is rare
But the hoose is yer have in the middle nae where
Day two, three an' four words just cannae describe
How proud to be Scottish, tae walk, where oor forefathers hae died
Tae feel rain & wind and know yer all right
Alain an' fur the night
An' t' Aure the best o' scottish tae all who stay here!

Sam Shaw & Karl Lee Glasgow 1997

© Richard Cross
No shortage of amazing fauna...

© Richard Cross
...beautiful flora...

© Richard Cross
...wild scenery...

© Michael Stott
...And livestock!